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Franke Special Bearings

Minimum mounting space


Wire Race Bearings offer you a broad range of options to construct special bearings customized to suit your individual application. Franke Wire Race Bearings are manufactured using hardened steel. To adapt the wire race bearings to the requirements of your application, our designers have numerous possibilities with regard to wire profile, material and material treatment. For special applications wire race bearings are also available from non-magnetic steel or stainless steel. You may select among various different profiles to be integrated directly into your mating structure. Our smallest bearing element requires a mere 4 x 7 mm mounting space.

Unlimited material selection


Wire Race Bearings deliver the requisite rigidity and accuracy of the bearing in almost any mating structure. They carry the principal load. Alternative materials for the mating structure are:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Cast
  • Bronze
  • Plastic
  • Carbon
  • Non-corrosive steel

Depending on the material used the weight savings compared with standard steel bearings can be up to 80 %.

Unlimited selection of geometry


Design your bearings individually. The housing components are not directly exposed to load from the rolling elements and can be constructed with extremely thin walls. This produces compact and lightweight components in conjunction with the small mounting space the Wire Race Bearings require. Due to the unlimited design of the mating structure it is often possible to reduce the number of components and replace complete modules by a customized bearing.

your partner, right from the start.

Franke Services

Product consulting

Franke bearings and Linear Systems adapt to suit your specific case. We are pleased to advise you during design and engineering.

Get in touch with us directly to discuss your application, or use our product consultant to let us know in advance what you need. We will analyze your data and propose a solution, unbinding and free of charge.

Sample parts / test series

Sample parts and prototypes allow you to conduct exhaustive tests to acquire the solutions you need, and also enable optimization of the finished product. When dealing with customized solutions, we complete extensive testing based precisely on your specifications of the bearings and Linear Systems that are designed specifically for your application. On request, we will provide you with comprehensive test logs and documentation of each product, in which we guarantee adherence to the respective specification.

We would be pleased to send a staff member from the office responsible for your location, ready to provide assistance even before initial planning of sample parts, or to organize an in-house demonstration to present the Franke products.

Development partnership

Delivering comprehensive services is a pivotal element in our corporate philosophy. This is why we accompany you even before an order is placed and remain as a partner at your side from the brainchild to the design of your application, continuing to provide support in the production of samples and prototypes, also during assembly and maintenance of the finished products.

Franke worldwide

Franke Wire Race Bearings are available around the world. More than twenty representations around the globe ensure that Franke customers in all major world markets will receive excellent service. The company produces all Franke
products at its main plant in Germany. We have a cooperative effort in the USA and China to produce special bearings for their local market. Powerful partners with the appropriate machines are present to serve the customers quickly and

Franke Bearing Assemblies with direct drive

dynamic variety

Lightweight components are more popular than ever in the era of energy efficiency and high performance. With integrated direct drives wire race bearings are complete powertrain components. They are the first choice wherever small mounting space meets dynamic agility. Franke Special Bearings with direct drive can be found in machines and devices, medical equipment and automotive. In modern CT scanners, for example Franke Special Bearings with direct drive rotate at speeds of more than 300 rpm and provide high definition pictures due to their high precision and speed. Running noise below 60 dB (A) ensures that the investigation can proceed without stress for the patients.

Franke Bearing Assemblies made of carbon

especially light and innovativ

Franke Bearing Assemblies with housing rings from laminated CFRP (carbon) are the lightest slewing rings ready for installation available with Franke technology. They are suitable for the construction of ultra-lightweight machinery, aircraft and vehicles. The integrated wire-race bearing in the form of a double row angular contact ball bearing takes loads from all directions.

The specific gravity of carbon fiber is only about 60 % of aluminium. The tremendous variety of processing capabilities of carbon fibers to complex materials of highest capacity is another reason for the popularity of CFRP lightweight.

Franke Slim Bearings

mobility at its best

Modern lightweight robots are utilized as service and assistance robots. The net mass of the robot might be just 10 kg, with a nominal load of 3 kg. They often consist of lightweight carbon fiber materials having sufficient rigidity and low mass. For the axes of motion the main requirements for the bearings are high stiffness, low weight and minimal mounting space.
Franke Slim Bearings only need a minimal mounting space and are directly integrated into the design of the robot. The material of the mating structure can be chosen unlimited. High load capacity of the bearing from all directions is ensured by the 4-point arrangement of the tracks.

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